Do you have a manuscript thrown back in a drawer because someone (even yourself) told you it is not good enough to publish! Do you have a friend or family member, like my 75 year old mother, that wrote her story - even got it typed but doesn't know how to get it published? Printing a book is very expensive and you need to print a lot without knowing if there will be a market for it. This is all very intimidating and many people give up on that little book of poems that they wanted to pass on to their grand-children.
With electronic publishing things are just sooo much easier. In less than a week we can have your book, manual, poems even memoirs, registered with a worldwide ISBN number and available on for anybody around the world to buy. You set the price in US Dollars and across the globe people can look at the cover, read the summary, download it and minutes later they could be reading your book on their Kindle or E-book reader. How cool is that? Is that going to cost you an arm and a leg?

No it can cost you as little as R500 if you supply the final manuscript and title page in the correct formats to us. Your kids or friends could probably do all of that for you and it saves us from spending valuable time on doing stuff like proof-reading or designing a title page (front cover) for you. Don't worry we will supply you with the full list of requirements, sizes and formats that will make your book a winner in the electronic medium. Yes we will check if the kids did a good enough job an let you know if we want some changes done or not.
Remember people can only read your book if they know about it and have a link to take them directly to it. Take a look at examples on our other pages by clicking on the picture of a book. Family, friends and word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool. Maybe you just want to make it available to family or club members, it all depends on your promotional needs and requirements. Don't be fooled, people that just publish to the web with no marketing is often disappointed. Remember you are competing with millions of books out there, including e-books that nobody even knows about. You need to target the specific readers that would buy your book and get your message out to them. Your message must make them curious enough to click on your link and actually get them connected to the virtual bookshop that stocks your book. Once there, they can look at the cover, read the summary, read the comments and impressions of other buyers and then, make the purchase. They might also browse away from your book towards other books that look more interesting.

Family and friends could again help with setting up a website for you and putting it on Facebook or other social media. Better even, if you can set aside some money for marketing we could put you in touch with professionals at JTO that give us an entry special for R1000 that include a simple website connected to Facebook hosted for one year. Contact them directly for more complex marketing options. They also help us with graphic designs, printing and search engine optimization.

Please feel free to email us for more information or your questions, at:


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Thank you for your interest!

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